Promotional codes

During the year the Swanshop will promote special offers and discounts, redeemable only through the use of a ‘promotional code’ online, which will be provided on any relevant advertising.

Please note certain promotions will contain minimum purchasing requirements in order for the offer to be valid, for example:

- Spend over $150 on Swans merchandise to receive a $30 discount off the purchase

- Purchase any cap or beanie to receive $5 off

Find your Gift Voucher with a promotional code
Locate your unique voucher code.
Add to your cart all items you wish to purchase.
Once you have finished shopping, and have entered the checkout, enter your unique code into the promotion code box located beneath the payment section.
Press the 'Apply to Order' button, and then enter your credit card details to pay off the remaining amount of your order. 
Checkout, sit back and wait for your order to be delivered right to your doorstep! 

The promotional code provided must be entered in the first stage of checkout in the field ‘Do you have a promotion code?’ Note you must click ‘submit’ for the code to be valid. Upon the successful entering of the code, a message will appear as part of your shopping cart displaying the discount offered.

*Please note when discounts are offered, members logged in will be viewing the products at the discounted prices (RRP featuring within the product page with a strikethrough).